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RIVIERA INCOMING T.O. and Travel Agency

Since 1994, the staff at Riviera Incoming Tour Operator, working to improve our tourist offer; one of our main activities, there is the organization of language courses in partnership with universities, professors Enabled Teaching Italian language, up to offer a study of the

short - medium or long term, of the highest quality.
A final **certificate of attendance or a *certification, will witness the level of preparation  all those who are passionate and keen on approaching the Italian language and the cultural traditions of Italy.


  • Our The Three main courses:

            Italian Language

            Italian Culture (Literature and Art)

            Teachers Training Courses for teachers of Italian as L2

            The teaching staff are highly qualified (BA, MA, Doctor’s Degree) and have a long       teaching experience both at the university and high schools.


Italian Language Courses

Our Italian language courses are open to students of all levels and ages. They may Vary according to Functional the number of classes, attendance and typology of lessons. The language courses are Outlined to Satisfy every student's requests.
Also we can offer, tailored language courses.
Language is always presented in the context; grammar, phonology and lexis complete the current frame in Which the English language is analyzed and presented. During classes All material used is up-to-date and authentic.
The students are Given valuable information about modern-day Italian culture and society. Our main concern is to develop the students' active authentic linguistic and communicative skills.
Accommodation in hotels, bed and breakfasts, houses or in a university campus, at special prices, is also provided to Those Who enroll for the courses.
We can also arrange transfers, book trains, car hire, provide weekend in the Italian cities of art, organizer visits Companies for professionals and B2B meetings.


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